This isn’t freedom. This is fear.


Get to know me meme: ~3/5~ favorite relationships (in no particular order)


"At least we still have each other."

nat & steve
↳ the shield thing.


Ms Bishop, you’re not —
                  Technically an Avenger, fine.
                                   A Young Avenger, whatever.

She really drives him crazy and she knows what she’s doing. Heartache, he can’t fight this feeling.

mockingbird. bobbi morse.
field agent / asset.


"Hill is such a strong personality, she’s like a force of nature and quite frankly, while perhaps not immediately loved by all involved, she’s certainly as strong and imposing a figure as Nick Fury."

I feel like ‘Thor: The Dark World” is a chance as an actor to find new depth, new dimension, new iterations of Loki’s psychology, of his physicality and his capacity for feeling. On one level he is an off- the-rails psychopathic agent of chaos, but on a human level, his psychology and his emotional landscape is very, very interesting because he’s so intelligent and yet so broken. This film is a chance to find where his capacity for heroism and his Machiavellian menace meet.” — Tom Hiddleston